Dad and his three girls

    I have to admit I wasn’t ready to be a parent. No my girls weren’t “oops” babies and being a Dad was always something I wanted in life. I just mean prepared as in knowing what the heck I was doing. I was the youngest of three boys (the first to have kids) and never really had any family who lived near by that was raising children growing up. Luckily my wife did and was able to help me figure things out when it came to feeding, changing diapers and all that kind of stuff.

    However there is no way to prepare you how to actually raise your children. No one can tell you what kind of father you should or have to be. That is something you kind of figure out by yourself. Sure your wife, father and family can help and there are a ton of books on the subject (I never went that route) but in the end its on you. This blog will talk about the things I try and teach my girls and the things they teach me. I try to balance being strict but fun….answer questions like “how does a lifelong wise ass keep his girls from talking back and being wise asses?” The point of the blog is to help me enjoy this time in my girls lives. You get so bogged down in work and bills that you can easily forget how fun being a Dad really is.


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