Hey look I figured out how to add a poll

It is amazing how having three active daughters makes it incredibly hard to blog about the experience of having three daugters. I apologize for not having blogged sooner; so many times I had subjects in my head but just couldn’t find the time. However, when I saw this article online http://psych.answers.com/personality-theory/10-ways-your-birth-order-affects-your-personality?param4=fb-us-mo-health&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=null&utm_content=ssde-null#slide=1 I couldn’t resist and had to blog about it. It seems like a perfect subject for this blog.

I have to say a lot of these slides are dead on from what I have seen from my girls so far. Julia my oldest is definitely strives for perfection and is motivated to succeed. Teachers often tell my wife and I all the time that Julia puts so much pressure on herself in school. I know as her soccer coach she puts pressure on herself and she is also a natural leader. Of course being a leader of her sisters doesn’t always go over well with them.

Again with the middle child they hit a lot of the attributes that make up my Mia. She does roll with the punches a lot more than her sisters. Don’t get me wrong she gets her moods but she definitely rolls with punches more than the others. She does often feel left out and act out to get attention. It seems a lot of times Mia lives by the motto “any attention is good attention.” The part about being a negotiator I don’t buy when it comes to Mia, now if it said instigator…..

A lot of what the slides say about my youngest Olivia is true. She is definitely the most spoiled and is allowed to get away with the most. I blame my wife mostly for that, even though I was also the youngest and should relate to Olivia in some of those regards I’m much tougher on her. It’s good to know that a lot of those traits are in many kids that age because I must admit they drive me crazy. Here is the thing though; she doesn’t display those traits in school. In school she is a leader so much so that the teacher and the teaching assistant refer to her as the third in charge. She is also an entertainer; in fact all my girls have that entertaining quality.

I don’t think these slides are hard and fast rules for life and I imagine they will grow out of a lot these traits. For instance I don’t think these held up for my brothers and I as kids, nor does it now. I do think that these traits fit my daughters much better than they fit my brothers and I. Many of these traits just make logical sense. Of course the oldest would be the most responsible because as the oldest they usually are bestowed the responsibility earlier than then the others. Middle child syndrome is a thing for a reason and yea the youngest usually gets the baby treatment.

I put the poll up to see what you think. Do you agree with the traits on the slides?