My eventual Father’s Day Post

    Question: Who writes a blog about his experiences being a dad with three girls yet doesn’t make a post on Father’s Day? Answer: This guy. I know pretty pathetic right? I do have a good excuse (something I learned from my girls…always have a good excuse). I was where I should be on Father’s Day, on the soccer fields.

    Considering how much time, money and effort I dedicate to my girls playing soccer it was apropos that was how I spent that day. The next weekend was my birthday and I spent it guess where? The soccer fields of course. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining. I know my girl’s love of soccer comes from me. That was the sport I played most as a kid and the one sport I could coach and be involved with my girls that way. I don’t doubt that they initially got into soccer as a way to spend time with and please their dad. However they absolutely love it and cannot get enough of it.

    I hope all the fathers out there had a great Father’s Day and got to spend it with your kids. I know an ideal Father’s Day would probably include your kids not being around and you having peace but let’s keep the charade going ok? Also, I have a question? How long do I keep the cards and crafts that my girls made me? Don’t get me wrong it’s sweet and I feel the love I truly do but over the years I have a lot of that stuff. I would say at this point less than 5% of it is something I would want to keep to pull out years down the road. The rest I want to trash and they are in a big pile in my room.

    I figure at some point I’m going to throw it away and keep the stuff I think they might ask about and remember they made. I can imagine it “Dad, where is that card I worked so hard to make you for Father’s Day?” “I threw it away, honey… I threw it away.” I’m sure that moment will not be one we tearfully recall when I dance with them at their wedding.

    A better Father’s Day gift happened more recently, on top of my daughter’s awesome soccer playing they also got awesome report cards. Mia and Julia both rang up all A’s for the 4th marking period. Mia finished the year with all A’s and Julia had only one B the whole year. On top of that this past Monday Julia performed “Mean” in front her whole school and some parents. She did a great job but I was more impressed by her bravery.

    To stand up in front of all those people all alone takes guts. When I was a kid we performed in a talent show but it was a whole group of us. I think our parents just wanted to dress us up, make us perform than laugh while we did. Also, one time I was one of three that put on a kick ass break dancing routine, cardboard box and all.

    Watching my daughters have the courage to perform, watching them work hard and give their all on the soccer field or pulling good grades are better gifts than any card I will ever receive. Those are the kinds of gifts I like to receive and me a lot to me. However when they get older if they want to give me cash for Father’s Day that would be the best of all.


Parenting Quick Hits

–          If you have the means buy your children a trampoline.

–          Never blog about your children when you are angry at your children. (This explains why I haven’t blogged in a while).

–          When your children ask you a question you don’t know the answer to simply say “google it.”

–          Occasionally tell one of your children they are your favorites, make sure the others hear it. They will work harder for your love.

–          Never blindly flip to a pay channel without knowing what is on it. It almost always will be something inappropriate.

–          Enjoy the 12 hours your kids rooms are clean.

–          Kids have better memories than elephants (unless its remembering to clean their rooms…behave..or anything you want them to remember….ect).

–          Having your daughters run around naked after a shower is not uncomfortable…yet

–          Girls are just as messy and as big as slobs as boys.

–          Dogs are far superior as family pets than cats.

–          If you can possibly help it, don’t allow your children to watch any Disney live action television show. They are absolutely         horrible, I mean brutal.

–          Try and eat dinner together as a family much as possible.

–          When eating dinner ask your kids about their days. Actually try and pay attention to what they say (I’m guilty of zoning out, but honestly they aren’t great story tellers).