Parenting Quick Hits

–          If you have the means buy your children a trampoline.

–          Never blog about your children when you are angry at your children. (This explains why I haven’t blogged in a while).

–          When your children ask you a question you don’t know the answer to simply say “google it.”

–          Occasionally tell one of your children they are your favorites, make sure the others hear it. They will work harder for your love.

–          Never blindly flip to a pay channel without knowing what is on it. It almost always will be something inappropriate.

–          Enjoy the 12 hours your kids rooms are clean.

–          Kids have better memories than elephants (unless its remembering to clean their rooms…behave..or anything you want them to remember….ect).

–          Having your daughters run around naked after a shower is not uncomfortable…yet

–          Girls are just as messy and as big as slobs as boys.

–          Dogs are far superior as family pets than cats.

–          If you can possibly help it, don’t allow your children to watch any Disney live action television show. They are absolutely         horrible, I mean brutal.

–          Try and eat dinner together as a family much as possible.

–          When eating dinner ask your kids about their days. Actually try and pay attention to what they say (I’m guilty of zoning out, but honestly they aren’t great story tellers).


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