Clothes Shopping or Hell?

Thursday was my daughter Mia’s 8th birthday. We went miniature golfing (I was one under par thank you very much) and eventually shopping. There is a part of me that finds it adorable that my little girl is growing up and starting to enjoy more big girls things (yes I know that comes off as totally sexist) as my oldest Julia has. However, taking her shopping reminded me of a definite disadvantage of being a man among many women, I hate shopping.

I am definitely not a man that could be categorized as a metro-sexual. Heck I have to ask my wife almost every morning if my clothes match. Sure I can tell which shirt goes with which pants when it’s obvious but when there is a borderline calls I need her to make it. This goes back to my days in high school where a couple of female friends of mine actually wrote out a list of clothing options that went together. I will say I did play it up nicely and when I needed clothes I would always bring a girl with me to go shopping with. It was a good way to get some one on one time with a girl without having to risk rejection.

You always see pop culture make reference to the hapless husband holding his wife’s purse while she tries clothes on. Well, take that and times it by four (one wife and three daughters). Now I didn’t have to hold any purses but man was standing around in Justice while my daughters ran around looking at clothes and other silly crap boring as hell. Random thought: Hell may be a lot of things but I’m assuming it’s not boring, hot? Yes…boring probably not. Makes me wonder how that saying got legs. Of course you can pretty much add “as hell” to almost any sentence and it is accepted, but I digress……

I’m sure Justice is a great store and I know my girls love it. I have to give a special shout out to my wife for getting great deals and saving us over $100. However there was really nothing for me to do or keep myself entertained during the shopping jaunt. I tried to be engaged and point out shirts to my daughter (always with the lowest price tags) but even at eight she realizes her Dad’s limitations.

Here’s the thing, “Justice” is a store for young girls, so I’m left with the option of being a 39 year old man walking around a little girls clothing store looking at the clothes. Yea that is creepy. I know it shouldn’t be because I’m a Dad and as a Dad I have to do things such as this, but I still feel really creepy. There is just something very uncomfortable about walking around a young girls clothing store or even a section for young girls in a larger retail store.

As I mentioned earlier I’m sure I am just helping perpetuate a negative stereotype about woman. A girl loving to shop is a learned behavior and just fulfillment of roles assigned to women by society. Listen I’m not trying to change the world here, if my girls didn’t take part in this behavior I would be more than happy not to have to ever walk through “Justice” again. On the other hand as much as I enjoy my girls playing soccer and doing whatever they want to do, I do like “girls being girls.” Whether ultimately that is right or wrong I don’t know but as long as they are happy that is all that matters.

All I know is at one point while shopping I wanted to revert to when I was 2 or 3 years old and could just literally drop to the floor and lie there. There were times I was actually thinking of ways I could tie shirts together, throw them over a support and hang myself. I’m not a proponent of suicide but in that moment I could have been persuaded to see its virtues. On the positive side my youngest is only five so I have another decade plus of clothes shopping with women.