My time as a single Father……day 2

The girls have no clothes, half the house is burnt down and I haven’t seen Olivia since I dropped her off from school. Ok, nothing that dramatic but I figured it was a good attention getting sentence. I have to give a shout out to Julia. She helped me prepare the lunches both tonight and last night and also got the girl’s breakfast in the morning.

It was weird to sleep in a bed alone last night. I was not use to actually having covers and not having them stolen from me (sorry Cathy couldn’t resist). Of course my dog Shadow was in there with me and in the least shocking moment sometime last night Olivia made her way to my bed. I was able to get out of bed, and get the girls to school on time and get to work on time. That was no small feat considering it snowed yesterday and was freezing cold today. I believe every street was plowed except mine but the roads weren’t the best.

Tonight was fast paced. As soon as I picked up the girls we made hoagies. Ate and shortly after went to my indoor soccer game.  It is always nice when my girls get to see my play; it is even nicer when I don’t humiliate myself; and the nicest that they got to see me score a goal tonight (shameless self-promotion). Although they always tell me I played good, which surprises me since I am Julia’s head coach and Mia’s assistant coach an am far harder on them than anyone else. I would figure when they got the chance to pick me apart and give it back to me they would. I guess that just shows my girls are better people than me.

By the time we got home and the girls showered they weren’t in bed until 10.Tomorrow morning should be very interesting. I’ll be tired and my body aching, going to be tough rolling out of bed. With the girls getting to bed two hours after their bedtime I’m probably not getting much support


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