My time as a single Father……day 3

How would I describe day 3? Well let’s just say if Satan dropped by with a contract that would make it so I never had kids I might have impulsively signed it. Ok that might be an overstatement but I definitely would have had a lawyer look it over. Perhaps the fast pace of last night was a blessing; we were too busy moving and hurrying for any arguing and bickering. There is no doubt that having them go to bed so late last night led to the tough night tonight.

I pick up the girls at school and Jules and her friend are campaigning for Jules to sleep over her house this weekend. I have told her no every single day this week and Cathy, before she left, told them there would be no sleep overs. I was called a poo poo head (she said it in a joking manner but whiney) for not allowing her. I didn’t have a problem with the name calling but a tone was definitely set.

After getting home (side note, I lost my keyless entry remote somewhere from unlocking the door getting back in the car at school and home) we had a pecan pie controversy. Sometime last week Olivia asked Cathy if she could have the last piece after dinner. Cathy said yes but Olivia never ate it. Apparently Olivia feels that gave her unlimited claim to the pie as long as said pie existed. Julia asked me for it when we got home and I said yes…..this did not sit well with one Olivia Beth Floyd.

After telling us about her previous claims to the pecan pie

Olivia now wanted to call in that claim. Julia offered to split it but Olivia refused because “she doesn’t like her.” Turns out Olivia would have been up for some pie splitting with Mia (who doesn’t like pie) but Julia was a non-starter. There was also an argument of Olivia sitting to close to Mia while Mia did her homework. I suggested  Mia just move but she protested that she always does homework in that seat. A little later Olivia spills her drink on Mia’s homework. I’m thinking pie splitting would have been off the table at that point.

Add in random clothes on the floor all around the house, messy bathroom and book bags not being put away and Daddy was doing a lot of yelling. Don’t get me started on the continuing dirty room saga (, which just added fuel to an already raging fire. I have a distinct advantage over my wife when it comes to yelling. I bust out the booming voice and throw in a fist slam and they know I mean business. Girls scatter and tears flow when Dad gets going. I’m not saying they end up listening to me more but at least they are a scared and sad for those moments, so I got that going for me.

Everything calmed down before bedtime and I told me girls “lets’ have a better tomorrow.” They all agreed….here’s hoping.


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