My time as a single Father……Day 4

The day got off to a great start. As I mention in yesterday’s blog I lost my keyless entry remote. Heading to school I figured I either left it in the school gym when I signed my girls out of after care or dropped it. As I dropped them off we looked around where I parked yesterday and Mia said “Daddy is that it?” Low and behold there it was. Keep in mind the previous night it was single digits and snowed this morning, yet it still worked.

When I picked up the girls I informed them I was in a good mood and they responded with cheers. I also apologized to them that last night even though they made me mad I should have been more patient and that I was too hard on them. Mia responded “we were probably too hard on you too dad” then she followed with her hand to the side of her mouth and in a whisper said “no we weren’t,” my little smart ass.

Another plus is that with my wife gone I was free to order Chinese food. Ever since Cathy was pregnant with Julia she could no longer stand the smell of Chinese food. I love Chinese food but we rarely have it so this made me happy. Of course the night took a bad turn when I noticed it seemed cold in my house, and confirmed my fear; the heater wasn’t working because the oil was frozen in the pipes. After a quick google search I discovered you can pour hot water on the exposed pipes outside and son of a vondruke it worked.

Girls went to bed without incident and there was little bickering all night. Night was finished with a call to Cathy. Overall it was a great bounce back from last night’s debacle.  Only one way to end this night….


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