My time as a single Father……Day 5

I am in the home stretch. As we speak my wife is on a plane to JFK, after catching some Z’s in Connecticut she will be home tomorrow. Only several more hours to make sure she comes home to three children. Keep in mind I’m talking any three children; if I lose one by then I’m taking someone else’s.

Today was another good day, the girls even did some room cleaning (after some cajoling from Dad), come on, you didn’t think they would voluntarily clean do you? My girls can spend two hours in their room cleaning and accomplish about five minutes worth of work. They have a future working in a union (yea I went there). We ate lunch and were on our way to Julia’s Futsal game.

Yes not only am I the Dad of three daughters but I also coach Julia’s U-11 travel team and am the assistant coach on Mia’s U-9 travel team. I am a glutton for punishment no doubt but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because of the holidays we haven’t had a game in two weeks so I missed my girls. I was excited to see them play, and Julia had a great game. Mia and Olivia also behaved on the sidelines, or at least none of my player’s parents ratted them out.

After picking up our dinner we got home and Julia helped Dad make dinner, soup and grilled cheese. I know what you’re thinking…..hoagies, pasta (with sauce Cathy made), take out and now soup and grilled this Gordon’s Ramsay’s blog? No it’s just me your mild mannered Dad with three girls. Because I was making soup for four I figured it was a good idea to instead of slowly cooking to bring that sh#t to a boil to save time. As I poured the boiling hot soup it overflowed and I gave my thumb and nice second degree burn. I use to work at a pizza place and I suffered a ton of burns that bad, but I guess since that was over 17 years ago I have grown soft because that hurt like an S.O.B.

The best part is this time Mia and Olivia stepped up and did the dishes. Is there a good chance those dishes are less than 30% clean? Yes. But I will eat off them with pride, because my girls stepped up when their Dad got hurt and pitched in. I’m also pretty sure I won’t good food poisoning if I do. Well tomorrow Cathy comes back and all will be right with the world again. For now I will continue to drink and eventually go to bed. Hey I love my girls but they do drive me to some weekend drinking.


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