My time as a single Father……day 6

Finally I am done with this single Father business. The morning started early because Santa got Mia and Julia time at a winter soccer camp that is being held in our town’s high school gym. The girls got up with no fight and did a good job of getting out of the house on time. Being a soccer family it was appropriate that what happened next took place while my girls were at a soccer event.

Cathy had text Julia and I that she left a little before 10 from her sister’s house in Connecticut. Although she said she wanted to meet us at the camp I figured with that time frame she wouldn’t make it. Mia’s session was from 10 to 11:30 and Julia from 11:30 to 1:00. I told the girls they would see their Mom shortly after we got home. However, at 12:30ish Cathy came strolling in and Olivia and Mia almost knocked her over. When Julia got done I met her as soon as she got out and tried to shield her from Cathy to heighten the surprise. It didn’t disappoint.

It was a great reunion and officially ended my time as a single father. Did this time give me more appreciation for real single fathers? Not really, because honestly I already had a ton of respect for them before this. I always wondered how single parents could do it alone. Being in a two parent home is hard enough. The single Dad and Mom’s in the world have and always had my respect.

What do I take out of the whole experience? I cannot cook at all. If left to me my kids would starve or develop whatever are the after effects from a totally unbalanced diet. We would be like college kids, living off Ramen. And that is probably the least of the bad things that would happen.

To tell you the truth it was a fun little adventure that we had, Dad and his three girls had some quality bonding time. Julia stepped up as the oldest and was a big help. Even Mia and Olivia did their part, like when they did the dishes. I was proud about how well the girls held together, they missed their Mom greatly, but still held strong and did what they had to do.

Now I think I’m entitled to direct all bickering and whining to their Mother, for a little bit, don’t you?


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