I don’t want to screw up but I don’t know what I’m doing to screw up

I have discussed this before in previous blog, http://https://jsffour.wordpress.com/?s=apple, but once again my daughter’s academic acumen far exceeds her old man. Julia was recently accepted to the National Elementary Honor Society. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. It is probably one of those things they just didn’t tell me about since they knew I had no chance of achieving it. There were already so many things I wasn’t going to accomplish what was the use of letting me know about another one?

I want my daughter to continue to succeed and encourage her growth but the problem is, I don’t know how the hell we have being doing it so far. It is not like my wife and I played classical music for her in the womb or went all Patty Huffner on her. We of course encourage her and I believe her playing sports, playing a musical instrument and doing theater all contribute to her success. There is a reason why all those activities I listed have shown to help make smarter, rounded and more confident kids.

The key is not to screw it up. Of course I don’t know what not to screw up. I know enough not to give her sugar right before bed or if I do not to let her play with our loaded gun. Those are givens, easy stuff. I think the key might just to get out of her way. She is naturally driven and pushes herself she doesn’t need us do put pressure on her. I just have to be supportive, always show an interest and be involved. The hope is that her brains lead to riches down the road and she can take care of Mom and Daddy. Having kids to take care of you is as old as time right? And those other two aren’t going anywhere in life.


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