Mia being Mia

Manny Ramirez was a player most famous for the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox. He was an incredible hitter but also a very unique character. His personality gave rise to the phrase “Manny being Manny,”  among his teammates, media and fans to describe his behavior. I bring this up because of my middle daughter Mia.

All my daughters are unique, sweet and intelligent girls. Mia isn’t an exception to that rule but she is a cult of personality. Last year in school they were given an assignment to design their own world. Mia’s world was call….wait for it “Mia’s World.” In Mia’s World everything was named after Mia. One time during a car ride with my wife Cathy she said “in my world there would be no cars, everyone would ride the Mia train.” That is Mia being Mia.

There is nothing Mia enjoys more than watching herself in the mirror. In fact there are times she is in trouble, getting yelled at and we catch her looking at her own reactions in the mirror. Think about it, the girls is getting yelled at but takes the time to look at herself in the mirror. Don’t get the wrong idea, she isn’t conceited. She is a very sweet and caring girl; she just never met a mirror or camera she didn’t like. It is Mia being Mia.

Just the other night Mia had a soccer game. At the end of the game she couldn’t find her ball so I ran around looking and asking if anyone found it. I sent a text to the whole team to see if anyone accidentally picked the ball up. Turns out Mia left the ball in the car. What was Mia’s friend’s response to the incident? “What do you expect? That’s just Mia.” It wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time one of her friends gave a similar response about her. They understand it is Mia being Mia.

Friday night we were going out to dinner and Mia wears a sundress, it was 17 degrees out. She has been a fashionista since she had the ability to dress herself. There could be a foot of snow on the ground and Mia would want to dress like a summertime diva when we go out, just another example of Mia being Mia.

Living with such a big personality can be maddening, the most maddening? She is exactly like me. The smart ass comments, the rolling of the eyes, not taking life serious, getting yelled at and smirking? That came from the John Floyd playbook. While I might want to choke her sometimes I can’t help but laugh. The things she says, the facial expressions, I have to admit the girls has got timing and is genuinely funny. It’s hard to get mad at Mia being Mia.

I have to be honest I would like to crawl around in that chicks head. There is no doubt Mia lives in her own world (Mia’s world) and it’s probably better than the real one. She clearly has a different take on things and can’t wait to see her grow up and I hope she never changes. I look forward to many more years of Mia being Mia.