Vacation Day Two

I love waterparks, always have. When I was in my middle school and high school years my brothers and I would take a yearly pilgrimage to Action Park in Vernon New Jersey. For those of you who don’t know Action Park was referred to by the workers at the local hospital has Traction Park due to the large amount of injuries. Not only was it a fun but surviving a trips to Action Park was a badge of honor. The fun you had came with pain. In time I hope to take my daughters there even though it isn’t the as when I went there, but for now went local to Hurricane Harbor.

The last time my wife and I went to Hurricane Harbor she was pregnant with Julia, Julia is 11. So needless to say it has been awhile. Considering my wife was pregnant, my brother, his wife and I didn’t do a lot of the slides; it would have been just cruel. We did spend a lot of time on the lazy river, which is a lot like it sounds, and relaxing ride where you usually sit on a raft and let the current take it.

Fast forward these 11 years and it wasn’t that much different. One reason is because my daughters are mostly too short to do all the rides so we are limited. Julia and I started out on a slide called “King Cobra” but that would be the beginning and end of their slide participation. The rest of the day was lazy rivers, wave pools and other more kid centric attractions.

We had a lot of fun even though I had to spend some time in line by myself to do slides. Hurricane Harbor is similar to the old Action Park with the exception of the fact they seem to want to try and avoid people getting injured. I will probably have to wait until the girls are a little old to really focus on all the water slides; I just hope that I’m not too old to want to do them.

We ended the night with dinner at Red Lobster. I ate too much and we had a lot of laughs to end the night. I was a really good family dinner.  As Olivia said “I like our Vacation so far but it has been exhausting. She is right but it is the good kind of exhausting. Tomorrow we take it a little easy with a beach trip.


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