Vacation Day Three

Wednesday’s vacation day was off to a very slow start. It took us a while to get going, especially myself and Julia. If there is one thing that Julia got from me it is she hates to wake up in the morning. We are both very tough to get out of bed and each not very pleasant once we do. In our defense vacations day one and two were exhausting and tomorrow is going to be a very early start so I think we deserve some leeway.

To tell you the truth I would have been ok not going ahead with our planned beach trip but to my wife’s credit she didn’t allow me to be lazy (I praise her now in order to make up for the shots I take later in the blog) and we pushed through and eventually left. I am glad we went; the water was nice and refreshing while the beach was hot. The girls stayed mostly near the surf while Cathy snapped pictures. Julia and Mia have taken swimming lessons but neither feels very comfortable about ocean swimming. Also, the riptide was pretty bad so I don’t think Cathy and I felt comfortable about them going too far out.

The difference between my girls and me while in the ocean? I grew up with the movie “Jaws,” they didn’t. What does that mean? That there is a little part of me that is expecting a shark attack every time I am in the ocean. It isn’t a fear or doesn’t stop me from swimming in the ocean, I love swimming in the ocean but there is a like a .005% I think a shark will eat a swimmer at any time. 

At Hurricane Harbor the previous day I managed to burn the heck out of myself. I of course take a lot of blame for it because when you are out in the sun for over six hours you probably should put on more than one application of sun screen. And now for that aforementioned shot at my wife, the burning pattern on my body suggested poor application of sun tan lotion. Since she is the one who sprayed it on she has got to take some blame. Did she do it on purpose? Let’s just say I cannot with any confidence say no.

The day on the beach was cut short because the lifeguards spotted lightning. In all we drove about an hour to spend an hour on the beach. If we did a “good time to overall time ratio” it would have scored very high, the girls enjoyed themselves and we had a great time. That was pretty much it for the day since Julia had soccer practice (rained out) and I had my adult indoor soccer game that night. Plus, we had to rest up for the next day, a trip to D.C.


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