Middle School and a first grade…oh and Mia too.

I know a lot of kids started school today and a lot started well before but my three girls started on Thursday September 3rd. This is a big year for my girls, Julia starts middle school and Olivia starts first grade. I know it is a cliché to say things like “6th grade? I can’t believe she is in 6th grade already!” but it is true. You blink and next thing you know you have a 6th grader and your baby is in first grade.

Middle school is a game changer. I know the new things I experienced in 6th grade and shudder to think it was someone’s little girl I experienced them with. Not something I want to spend too much time dwelling on (This sentence was written 45 minutes after the last while I repeatedly slammed my head into the wall until I was unconscious). It makes me think of days receiving notes from girls. Of course I don’t have to worry about my daughter doing any note writing, she will just text.

Olivia has hit the big time. When there is a number before your grade you are officially in school. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate pre-K and K in the development of a child’s education but over half the states don’t even require your child to attend. Granted it is only 1st grade, she isn’t taking Calculus or anything but still it is a milestone.

Mia is in 4th grade and that isn’t really a big deal. Yup, middle child syndrome is a thing and even when starting a new school year she gets overlooked by the oldest and youngest. I don’t mean to downplay it, next year which will be her last year of elementary school will be a bigger deal and I promise to give it its proper attention. Mia of course is already loved by her teacher and continues to display much better behavior in school than at home, but I can say that about all of them.

Another school year is upon us, filled with promise and hopefully for my girl’s great memories. With a 6th graded I’m sure the drama quotient will be WAY up. It is only September and when I was a kid what seemed like a long year will undoubtedly go by too quickly. Hopefully I will blink a little slower this year.