Five Angry People


Twelve Angry men is a classic movie about a jury. While it dealt with several themes one of them was how people are when kept in a small enclosed places, which helps create tension among the 12 men (hence the angry part). Why do I bring this up? Well for one thing I think you should watch it (the original version) because it is a great movie.  But I actually have an ulterior motive to bringing it up; the theme of the movie is also a theme in my life.

We live in a ranch house with one bathroom. I’m not sure of the square footage and I should probably look it up for the sake of this post but I just really don’t feel like it. My point is the house is pretty small and there aren’t many places to be alone. What that means is we tend to get on each other’s nerves and there really isn’t anywhere to go to separate yourself.

Julia is the only person in the whole house who has her own room and she surely spends a lot of time there.  She at least has a bit of a refuge. Listen, we are a family and we love and support one another. We also however really get on each other’s nerves. The people you love the most are also the ones that are able to drive you the craziest.

When we got this house it was only three of us, Cathy, Julia and me. I have to include my dog at the time, Krypto, but he didn’t take up much room. Since that time we added two daughters, Mia and Oliva, a cat, Krypto passed on and Shadow joined the family (he takes up a little more room). This house has seen the completion of our family, albeit in a tight space.

We are running out of space, and with the Christmas tree being up we have even less. This house was ok when we were a growing family but now we have grown up and need more room. Have I mention we have one bathroom? Yes I live in a house with four women and only one bathroom. Three of those women haven’t even hit the teen years but Julia is one year and five days away. What I’m trying to say is we can’t go on like this, especially from a toilet perspective.

Our hope is we don’t have to be Five Angry People for too long. Our hope is we make it our last Christmas in this house and move into a bigger one. Until then let’s hope we don’t kill one another and there is always a chance to get into the bathroom.