Let’s talk about Socks baby…..

I like white tube socks, always have. I don’t wear them pulled all the way up and I know I can buy socks that I wouldn’t have to roll down but I don’t care. I am a tube sock guys. Honestly I don’t think about socks that much. When I start getting holes in too many of my socks I go out and restock.

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So if I don’t think about socks that much why am I blogging about them? Well my darling daughters of course. On Thursday my daughter Mia claimed she had no socks. One of her pairs of socks was worn by Julia the day before and she wanted them back. I pointed out that even if Julia gave them back she couldn’t wear them because they were dirty. That didn’t seem to matter to Mia who was still complaining about having no socks. Oh and Julia was wearing the borrowed socks during this conversation (girls are a lot grosser than I ever imagined).

Here’s the thing, it was Thursday, I do the girls laundry on Sunday. Yes Julia ran out of socks and had to borrow socks from Mia on Wednesday and Mia had no socks on Thursday. You don’t have to be a math major to realize Julia ran out of socks in two days and Mia in three. I can’t get across to you how often Cathy and I bought them socks.

This is only a slight part of my sock frustration. As I mentioned I do their laundry, and they never NEVER seem to have matching socks. It may be a pet peeve of mine but they could have 20 socks in the laundry and all 20 are independent socks with no brothers (or sisters) to match with. I get annoyed when I do my laundry and I have a single child sock.

In writing this blog I realized something. My first paragraph is a lie. Apparently I spend a lot of time thinking about socks, maybe an unhealthy amount. I need to focus on more important things like…underwear. That is problematic because again I do the laundry and by extension I would be thinking about girls underwear which again is even more unhealthy. This blog has taken me to a dark place.