Random Dad thoughts

When your child says something nasty to you is it appropriate to respond with “There is no Santa Claus?”

I couldn’t live without my kids but if I were to sell them what would I sell them for? Which one would I sell? Would I get more money if I sold them in a bundle?

Is it wrong that in conversation with my wife that I have referred to our girls at one time or another as bitches?

Do my daughters secretly wish they were born to richer parents? Or is it not a secret and they would readily admit it?

Do my daughters find me as corny and embarrassing as I found my father?

If all my daughters fought I would put my money on Olivia. She is the youngest and smallest but I think she would do what it took to win. She would definitely fight dirty.

Mia has no volume control. She works on level 10 and that is it. There is no inside voice, there is only “shouting from a mountain top” voice.

Mia likes to fill every second with the voice of Mia.

If I could live in the head of one person it would be Mia.

Julia is a sweet and loving girl, however if I had to pick one daughter to become a super villain it would be her. Not a crazy Joker kind of villain, more a Lex Luthor/Doctor Doom villain. You know the type that thinks they know everything and the world would be better off with her in charge.

If Julia did become a super villain she would be wise to hire Olivia as her muscle.


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