Another 10 year old daughter?!?!?!

A decade is usually a pretty good marker of time. If you have been at a job for 10 years than you have been there a significant amount of time. It is a milestone for a marriage. You are long past the newlywed stage and while not an old married couple you have a pretty good handle on married life. An athlete who has played a decade is a grizzled veteran.

10 is also a very significant age. You have been alive for a decade, not a little kid anymore but not quite to adolescence yet. I bring this up because Mia turned 10 today. Now only Olivia remains my only child in single digits and I have to admit that has made me a little sad.

When Julia turned 10 while still momentous it didn’t affect me the same way because I still had two single digit girls. Julia now sits on the cusp of being a teenager (oh you know a blog is coming when that happens) and Mia is 10. I wonder how the heck I have two daughters who have been alive on this earth for a decade. I was 31 when Mia was born, 31!!!!, now I’m 41 (I will save you from having to see all the exclamation points I want to type but I assure you it would be like 5 lines of them).

I have to admit I was excited when my girls got out of the baby phase. Sure babies are cute but the older your child gets the more stuff they can do. They start walking, talking and developing personalities. You get to watch them play games or do concerts and talent shows and I love all that stuff. Parenting is definitely more fun and challenging now than when all I had to do was hold them and wipe their butts (I do not miss that).

It’s just that I do miss those baby days and before when one aged out I had another one still there. Now I got two girls who are 10 and over and even at 7 Olivia is getting more and more independent. Hey it is great that they all can make themselves breakfast and read their own books entertain themselves and especially wipe their own butts, but man where did the time go? Suddenly my girls are turning into little woman and I’m turning into one of those parents who say things like “they grow up so fast.” That is the kind of stuff you say and think and 41 that you didn’t at 31.