36 hours of bachelor life

The previous weekend I got to relive bachelor life again. I was left home alone as my girls went to my sister in law Chrissy’s wedding shower in Connecticut. They had taken day trips without me in the past but this was the first time I was home alone overnight, after 14 years I was a bachelor again. A house usually overrun with women was guys only, Roo (the cat), Shadow (the dog) and me (the human?).

For once the house was overrun with testosterone. Ok, Shadow and Roo are fixed so I had to carry most of the testosterone weight, but I felt up to the challenge. I didn’t do anything exciting, didn’t have a boy’s night out or made any special plans. I did get Chinese food which on the surface sounds like nothing but ever since my wife’s first pregnancy she can’t stand the smell of it so I don’t get it too often; it is life’s small victories really.70854471

I did get an amazing amount of work done. I got the lawn done, straightened out the shed and got some other lawn work completed. These of course are things that theoretically I could have done with all the girls home but in reality with all the girls home we probably would have made plans to do something. With three active travel soccer playing girls you rarely have a weekend to do nothing. Usually the work around the house has to be squeezed in.

Typically, when everyone is home I don’t mind doing work around the house. It turns into a little bit of me time. When I cut the grass or shovel snow I put my headphones on and am alone with my thoughts. It is one of the reasons I usually walk during lunch time at work (along with the obvious exercise benefits), it is sort of my brief escape during the day.

The one thing I learned is that without the girls to get me time from, me time isn’t as nice as it usually is. Being totally home alone gets a little boring and I end up missing the girls. Sure having control of the TV and being able to play FIFA 16’ anytime I want is a great bonus, but the novelty wears out and I realize why I wanted a family to begin with. The sobering thing is maybe I just don’t have that many thoughts to be alone with to keep me occupied.