Dad and his four girls…..clothes shopping

I hate shopping for clothes. I have no fashion sense and usually have no idea what would look good. Many times I have to ask my wife if what I am wearing matches and usually depend on her to pick out the clothes on the rare occasion I buy them. I am so fashion inept that back in high school three of my female friends basically laid out rules on what to wear for me, what colors go with what and such. I remember checking that list many mornings before dressing for school. I went to a Catholic school mind you so my dress options were limited, but still too diverse for my fashion limitations.

But recently something has come to my attention, mostly due to Facebook. When seeing the “On this Day” posts I noticed no matter how far back it went I basically was wearing the same things I wear now. In fact, I still have the shirt that I wore in my and Cathy’s engagement photo in my rotation; that photo was taken in 2001. Throw in the fact that I was anywhere between 30 to 50 pounds heavier over the last 15 plus years and I needed a wardrobe update.

I decided to take action and buy one new shirt each pay period. That way 10 to 15 years from now I will be able to see these new clothes on Facebook’s “On this Day” posts and repeat the cycle. Last weekend we went to Kohl’s to get Julia and Mia new outfits for their National Honor Society inductions (subtle brag). It was a perfect opportunity to buy my new shirt for the pay period.

In theory the plan was impeccable, or at least so I thought. The flawed part of my plan? I had to go shopping with four other women. In fairness to my wife she did not do any shopping, it was the three little ones. Olivia didn’t have to get a new outfit for an induction but if you are getting the other two new outfits, well you’re getting the third one something.

I looked around and had two shirts found in under 10 minutes. I was able to get two $50 shirts for a total of $30, that is a savings of $70 (not so subtle brag). I was done, happy and after wondering around a bit to look at some other things, I met up the girls. At this point we had been there for twenty minutes. Olivia had found something and Mia was just wrapping up finding something, I figured we were in the home stretch, boy was I wrong.

I should have known going in the teenager would be the problem and boy was she. What she liked, Cathy nixed (as would I, most were things I don’t want my daughter wearing), what Cathy liked, Julia balked at. The whole experience was soul crushing, I had to fight the urge to just lie down in the middle of the store. I found a kindred spirit in Olivia who also found the whole shopping process just as excruciating.

I know things aren’t going to get better, I have many more devastating shopping experiences ahead of me. The hope is, at least for me, that I will be able to get out of most of these affairs. I cringe at the thought of when Mia hits the teenage years. She is already a diva, combine that with teenagerness (copyright pending) and God help us all. The positive? I will have four girls now advising me how to dress, which will be useful to a guy wearing clothes from 15 years ago.


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