Father’s Day = Flag Day

If Mother’s Day is like Christmas than Father’s Day is like…..Flag Day. Let’s be honest Father’s Day just doesn’t have the cache or importance that Mother’s Day does, and really I am ok with that. If I were to disappear from my family tomorrow, it would be noticed, but my family would still be able to function at 85% efficiency. Now if my wife Cathy disappeared, the girls and I would be functioning at 20% efficiency tops. In my humble opinion Moms do deserve more recognition and accolades than Dads; I’m just saying maybe we should get an upgrade to Columbus or President’s Day level status.

This year for the third time in four years I spend my Father’s Day on a soccer field. My oldest Julia and her team the U14 Rancocas Valley United Premier were representing New Jersey in the Region I President’s Cup. They had previously won the New Jersey’s State Cup for the honor of traveling to West Virginia for the tournament. I don’t mind in the least bit spending “my day” on the soccer field for my girls. I mean nothing better than to be “fathering” on Father’s Day right? I am also the reason my daughter’s play soccer so there’s that.

The part of Father’s Day that wasn’t great was the eight plus hour (including stops) ride home. Recently, my wife was hit and her car totaled so we had to take my Ford F-150 with me doing all the driving (NSFW). I have no complaints about the truck but the Ford F-150 wasn’t exactly built to be the family truckster. ha0413-150057_1@2xThe worst part was the back seat has bench seating so my daughters where all sitting next to each other the whole ride, both to and from.

This was nothing if not a recipe for disaster, small enclosed space, three girls prone to bickering with each other and of course driving, lots and lots of driving. All in all the girls were clutch and didn’t make the ride as excruciating as I was expecting. I was expecting that they would kill each other and anything short of that would be an upset, but it was a lot better than that. Which reinforces my belief that I should always expect the very least from my daughters, so I can be pleasantly surprised.

I guess it is ironic that I celebrated Flag…Father’s Day crammed in a car with my children (and wife). Nothing like getting an overdose of your offspring on the day set aside to honor the fact you pro-created. Needless to say I didn’t feel honored, although the next day they did take me out to dinner. Ok my wife and I paid for it but they were there. The nice thing was, the seating was a little more spacious and I only had to drive like a half hour.


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