New House, same old family

On July 17th our family experienced one of the biggest moments in our family history, we moved. After twelve and a half years, we left our three bedroom one bathroom ranch home for a four bedroom, two and half bath, and two stories home. You could say it was a move many years in the making, but, more specifically it was two years in the making. We initially put the house for sale in the summer of 2016, but nothing came of it, well except immense, immense frustration.

When we put it up for this summer we didn’t do it with the bright eyed optimism as we did the prior year. In fact, we remained very low key about everything and didn’t even look at houses. The year prior we found like five house we would buy, but of course, couldn’t due to ours not selling. It was probably superstition when we took a totally different approach and as my first sentence indicated, it worked.

At roughly the month and half into living in our new house we couldn’t be happier. Each girl is happy in their own room and to their credit, have done an excellent job keeping it clean. Even Mia’s room is relatively straight and doesn’t have clothes all over the place, that is a huge upset. One of the brightest spots of the new house is the fact we don’t have to share one bathroom. I don’t think Shakespeare could find the right words to describe the joy of going from one bathroom to two and half. Not sharing a bathroom with my three slob daughters (I love them dearly) has made my life exponentially better. But again giving credit where credit is due they have done a good job of keeping their bathroom pretty clean as well.

As happy as we are in the new house and how necessary as it was for us to get a bigger house the experience is also a bit bitter sweet. I moved a lot when I was younger and it turns out the house we just moved from was the longest I ever lived in any house. We lived there for 12 years and six months, and in that 12 years our family grew. Cathy, Julia, Krypto and I moved into that house and Cathy, Julia, Mia, Olivia, Shadow, Roo and I moved out.

Julia was only a year and a month when we moved in so much like Mia and Olivia, it was the only home she ever knew. I also lost my dog Krypto, who I got when I lived in an apartment with my brother, came with me when I moved back in with my parents, moved with Cathy and I into our condo and finally into the home we just left. I always promised him a fully fenced yard, which I now have but he is no longer with us. I like to think Shadow is enjoying the fenced in yard for the both of them.

We also met a lot of really good people who will become lifelong friends. The nice thing is we didn’t move too far away and can maintain those great relationships. We are also closer to my brother and his family and in a couple of weeks my Mom and oldest brother will be moving closer. Not only did we upgrade to a bigger home but now will be even closer to family.

Another plus with a bigger house is the fact that sometimes we don’t even know the girls are around. I know that doesn’t sound like the fatherliest thing to say but it is nice. Sometimes in our old house there wasn’t enough room for us to just get away from each other, it seemed at times we were right on top of each other. Now when everyone is getting on each other’s nerves they can retire to their own rooms. Well, except for Cathy, unfortunately for her she still has to share a room with me.


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