Mom and her three girls day 5

A Husband Free Week –

Bet ya’all are wishing that I hadn’t committed to blogging the whole time he was gone!

The one good thing I can say is writing this everyday has given me something to do at night.  One would think that as the days go on it would get easier but I find that it is more challenging.  That is probably because I tend to keep a lot to myself.  I share tons of pictures & things about the girls but this just seems more personal, almost uncomfortable.


The morning was completely chaotic.  I realized that there was no milk in the house so had to run out quick this morning during the whole getting ready for school process.  Our mornings really don’t need any help getting crazy.  Side note, less than half of that gallon left this afternoon – Thanks Julia.

I worked in the office today.  Since I had to drop off the girls I was about an hour later than normal getting into the office.  This means I got the full 295 to Rt. 1 rush hour experience.  It’s not my favorite thing.

Super productive work day thankfully, it’s been a bit crazy this week. People seem to be hitting that end of the year panic with expenditure requests that require finance support.  I also had the chance to get Olivia her birthday present, good thing since her birthday is Friday!  Honestly, it was good to get out of the house for something other than soccer practice.

You know that Family Guy clip of Stewie saying “Ma, Mom, Mommy, Lois”?  That was my night from the time I picked up the girls until they went to bed.  NON-STOP.  Now I can’t really complain because there was no bickering but holy cow.

The award for most random “Mom” moment was Olivia’s unprovoked rant about Chuckie Cheese.  That girl has VERY strong feelings about that place.  She suggested that people could use a plate with Chuckie’s picture to scare people but if someone did that to her she would break it.

Mia’s “Mom” moments shockingly all made sense, but there were a TON of them.  Shockingly made sense sounds mean but Mia is kind of known for her randomness.  John wrote a whole blog about Mia being Mia… it’s not just a thing, anyone who knows her knows that its real.

Julia’s “Ma!” moments were all right before bed time.  She is the oldest so always the last one to say good night.  She seems to save every random thought from the day & hit me with all of it at once.

I will go to bed soon & at some point tomorrow John will begin his journey home!  Only two days left until he’s here J