Mom and her three girls Day 2

A Husband Free Week –

I feel like John would be able to come up with some clever & entertaining intro… I’ve got nothing right now.   We all had a rough time sleeping last night. Jules was up till near Midnight. I was up till 1AM, on a normal Saturday I am lucky to make it to the SNL monologue.  Mia & Olivia both came into my bed in the middle of the night.  Needless to say not a restful sleep.

When we woke up I saw a text from John that he had thankfully landed in London.  It was nice to start the day by exchanging texts, made it feel like he wasn’t as far away. John spent most of the day on a plane so we didn’t hear from him again until after dinner.

We didn’t have much to do today other than some cleaning, baking & Jules had a super cool American Ninja Warrior party to attend to celebrate her teammates birthday.

To say emotions were running high for the youngest Floyd would be a bit of an understatement.  She went from zero to meltdown several times today.  I would prefer that she didn’t have the meltdown but I am thankful that I was the recipient of the rage & that there was no Sister on Sister violence.

Things that set her off today…. No eggs left in the fridge, the idea of having to eat lunch, not getting what she wanted at the store, being thirsty & last but not least losing at Uno.

Mia had her moments today as well but not as extreme. Jules was the only child who did not seem to be right on the verge of a complete meltdown.

John made it safely to India, saw some roaming livestock between the airport & hotel.  He is trying to get some sleep before heading into the office & I am going to try to do the same.

Thankfully beginning tomorrow our life will be at its regular level of chaos.  Normally I wouldn’t look forward to Monday but this week its one day closer to My Man coming home!


Mom and her three girls Day 1

While I am away traveling to India on business, my wife Catherine will be guest blogging about her experience home alone with our girls. Since I was traveling the first day and didn’t have access to post I will post both today.

A Husband Free Week –

I absolutely love reading my husband’s blogs, his writing is so entertaining.  One of my favorite blogs was a series that he wrote while I was in California with family for my Uncle David’s funeral.  It was so nicely done that it became a topic of conversation with the whole family & a source of entertainment during a very sad time.

I’m sure this reads as a shameless plug for Johns blog but I bring up his “Time as a Single Father” blogs because it was the longest we had ever been apart in almost 15 years of marriage…. Until this week.  Tonight John left for a trip to India.

John has said a few times now that it would be fun if I did a guest appearance on his blog so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.  I would like to add a disclaimer in here that I am nowhere near as entertaining as my husband.

We had a pretty normal Saturday, actually calmer than most since we only had two games.  Mia had a soccer game at 12:30, Olivia played at 3:30.  Both girls walked off the field in victory.  We came home & had an early for us chicken taco dinner which is always a hit in this house.  Less than an hour later the car service came to pick John up.

The farewell was filled with individual hugs & group hugs… lots of hugs.  There were tears, I would like to lie & say it was just the little ones but John has blogged enough that ya’all know I’m a crier.  Olivia & Mia cried as John walked out the door while Julia boasted how she has great control over her emotions.

As the car drove away the tears continued to flow. Thankfully the girls chuckled when I mentioned that we no longer had to keep on the College Football game.  So we threw on NetFlix & watched a movie.   They were not ready to call it a night when that was over so we played Uno.

While we were playing Uno Mia was texting her Dad play by play of what was happening in the game. The 1st game went well, 2nd game ended in an epic Mom/Jules battle.  Game 3…. Well I should have seen the warning signs that people were getting tired & cranky but there was no physical altercation & we made it to the end of the game so it could have been worse I suppose.

The girls finally made it to bed, although at almost 11 I still have a stubborn near 13-year-old who is still awake.  John is on his flight, in business class, with a fully reclining seat with complimentary bar as I sit on the couch hoping that the next 6 days go quickly!